Alberta, Ottawa set for showdown over plastics ban as province turns focus to petrochemicals

CALGARY — The federal and Alberta provincial government are set up for another fight over plans to label plastic as a toxic waste, which the plastics and chemistry industry says will deter investment in Alberta.

Canada’s Environment and Climate Change Minister Jonathan Wilkinson announced Wednesday the federal government would draft regulations to

ban six types of single-use plastic items

, including plastic straws, stir sticks, take-out bags, cutlery, dishes and takeout containers and six-pack rings.

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‘I think the oilsands has been demonized, actually’: Oil market guru Daniel Yergin sees demand peaking in 2030s

The rise of fracking technology changed America’s position in the world because it went from a country that imported most of its oil to a country that produces energy.

In his latest book, “The New Map: Energy, Climate and the Clash of Nations,” Daniel Yergin, a pulitzer prize-winning analyst tracks the ramifications of this shift.

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