Trudeau’s tree-planting promise broken for 2020

As first reported by Blacklock’s Reporter, the Trudeau government will not be launching its proposed “tree planting blitz” for this year.

“Program details are being developed,” the Liberal cabinet wrote in a document tabled in the House of Commons

“As the plan is being developed, the projected breakdown of trees planted has yet to be determined.”

As part of his campaign re-election platform, Trudeau promised that Canada would plant two billion trees over ten years as one part of their plan to reach “net-zero emissions” in the country.

“Planting these trees will have a real and tangible effect on lowering greenhouse emissions across the country,” said Trudeau while announcing the plan.

During his campaign, Trudeau touted that it would create over 3,000 jobs for Canadians.

For 2020, the total number of jobs created will be zero.

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