Reverend Al Sharpton criticizes Trudeau for staying silent on Trump’s response to anti-racism protests

African-American Activist Al Sharpton has denounced Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for standing silent at a press conference yesterday when he was asked about US President Donald Trump’s response to the anti-racism protestors.

“The time is changing and I will express it in my eulogy and since you are from Canada, I would not take 21 seconds before saying what I have to say.” said Sharpton in a video shared by Radio-Canada.

Sharpton was in Minneapolis to deliver a eulogy at the funeral of George Floyd, the black US citizen whose death at the hands of a white local police officer led to anti-racism riots across the United States. These riots have since moved into Canada, some of which have led to violence and vandalism.

Sharpton, who was previously a presidential candidate for the Democratic Party, also criticized Justin Trudeau last year for his history of wearing blackface.

“I think it’s insulting, I think it’s offensive,” said Sharpton in a video obtained by US American gossip website TMZ.